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Project Wisdom, Inc. is one of the oldest and most respected character education / social-emotional programs in the nation. Our program is currently licensed in over 19,000 schools nationwide. There are three key components to this nationally-recognized, proven-effective program that comprise our approach to character education and social emotional learning. Each component supports the other.

Project Wisdom's Words of Wisdom Online Library of Broadcast Messages
The centerpiece of the program is a series of thought-provoking inspirational messages that are narrated over your PA or in-house television system. In just one minute a day, you can reach every student and every staff member with a few words of wisdom that will uplift and promote a more positive and effective school climate. Series 1 comes with one year of online access to 200+ proven-effective broadcast messages, enough for an entire school year. You and your staff will also have access to messages batched by weekly or monthly themes, weekly journal pages, parent resources, white papers, and more.

Easy-to-implement lesson plans
You and your entire staff will have access for one year to our highly-rated and easy-to-implement online collection of lesson plans. These materials help students build character and develop social-emotional competencies while addressing important and relevant issues such as bullying, cheating and academic achievement. Each plan contains thought-provoking discussion generators and follow-up activities for each grade level (elementary) or core academic area (secondary).

Professional Support and Just For You messages
Every registered user will be sent by email during the school year the following Professional Support: 1) a weekly Just For You message. These concise, thought-provoking messages are written to foster professionalism, promote ethical and caring leadership, boost morale, and improve classroom management. 2) Easy-to-implement, high-quality character education materials. 3) Best practices and uplifting stories shared by educators just for educators (Teacher's Story).

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